50 things that make me happy

Sunday, 7 May 2017

This seemed like a quick and easy way to give you a snapshot of me and my life. It's far from the complete list of my favourite things but it's a good place to start...

1. family time (we live 4 hours away from each other so it's so precious)
2. my boyfriend
3. my dog (and dogs in general - I'm obssessed)

4. reading (currently thrillers)
5. musicals
6. going to the theatre
7. online shopping (usually involves adding multiple items to my bag before deciding not to buy anything)
8. living by the beach

9. pizza
10. freshly shellaced nails
11. planning things
12. traveling
13. macarons
14. the 1975
15. brunch
16. boots and jumpers weather
17. Harry Potter
18. singing in my car
19. Mexican food
20. Thai food
21. food in general
22. binge watching a really good series (currently Bates Motel, just finished Breaking Bad)
23. getting post
24. getting my hair done
25. stripes
26. receiving flowers (even though I'm awful at keeping them alive)
27. designing stuff, though I wish I could draw
28. playing the piano
29. coffee
30. Christmas
31. buying gifts
32. windy autumn walks
33. peanut butter
34. baking
35. Brighton, London, Oxford

36. watching old home video with my sisters
37. getting ready with girlfriends for a night out
38. afternoon tea
39. *trying* to cook new recipes
40. new underwear
41. new makeup
42. leaving work on Friday with a clear inbox
43. getting crafty (I'm currently cross stitching!)
44. fresh sheets
45. freshly shaved legs
46. watching French films
47. rose gold everything
48. halloumi
49. floral print
50. spending hours on Buzzfeed finding out what pizza topping I am and other important things

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