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Monday, 1 May 2017

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Unfortunately, mine has been mostly spent in bed watching RuPaul's Drag Race and drinking Lemsip but I did get out today for the most incredible brunch at a new coffee place in Brighton. If you get the chance, pop in to Trading Post Coffee Roasters on Ship Street. I had these yummy yoghurt and berry pancakes with honey. Heaven.

Trading Post Coffee Roasters - Pancakes

On a slightly different theme to my last post, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite recent purchases. If you aren't interested in handbags, stationary, makeup or cushions then this probably isn't for you!

Kate Spade Cameron Street Lane

Kate Spade Cameron Street Lane Handbag

Firstly, let's talk about my all time favourite purchase. The one I've been waiting my whole life for (this may be a slight exaggeration). My Kate Spade baby. Isn't she beautiful? I've wanted a KS for years, ever since I first heard of them and then as soon as I booked my trip to New York, I knew I'd buy one there. It took months of saving and I dragged my boyfriend to every. single. store. in New York before deciding on the one but I'm so pleased with my choice.

There were great sales on but, typically, the one I wanted was full price! I um-ed and ah-ed for 3 days over whether to buy an every day style that I'd get a lot of wear out of, or one of their signature brightly coloured bags for special occasions. I went for the latter but love it so much I've just started wearing it with whatever. I love the colour, the shape, the size and the lining is really cute too. I've already started saving for my next one...

As a 'designer' brand, I don't think the prices are too bad. Sure, it's a bit of an investment piece but nowhere near the level of a Mulberry (my other dream bag). I can't remember exactly what I paid in the US but it's £205 on the website and still available, in tomato red and lots of other lovely colours.

Filofax Saffiano Rose Gold Organiser

Filofax Rose Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a big planner. Almost to the point of obsession. Not only do I just love having plans in the diary, but I'll spend hours looking for nice places to eat, shows to watch, flights to book. I think it comes from a place of anxiety - I just like to know exactly what's going to happen before it happens.

Because of this, one of the best things I've bought in the last few months was my Filofax. I've always bought a diary at the beginning of each year, but this is an item with longevity as you just replace the diary pages every year. I've found it so useful and it also has to-do lists, an address book and notes section. It's practical and sooo pretty - I'm in love with anything rose gold at the moment. This is a limited edition one but still available on the Filofax website. I got it in 'Personal' which is a good size for me but maybe not for a small handbag!

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in 434 - Mademoiselle

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in 434 - Mademoiselle

Although I bought this exact lipstick recently, it's actually my 3rd one. This is my all-time favourite lipstick in terms of colour, coverage, texture, everything. I can't be without it.

When it comes to beauty products, I'm quite cynical about spending money on 'luxury' products and will always try to find a budget alternative. I first bought this lipstick with some money I'd been given as a graduation present and fell in love. Though pricey, it is serious value for money. I hate wearing lipstick that gets in to all the creases and drys your lips out. This does the exact opposite. It's super pigmented and super moisturising at the same time. I really want to try the other 23 shades but I'm waiting for an excuse to treat myself.

Clinique Crayola Chubby Lip Crayon Box

Clinique Crayola Chubby Lip Crayon Box

Continuing with the lippy theme, something that's taken me right back to my childhood. Clinique have teamed up with Crayola to release a limited edition collection of their classic 'Chubby Sticks' - a long-term favourite of mine.

I couldn't decide on one colour so I bought the box set (oops) and have no regrets - the packaging is so cool and every single colour is lovely and hydrating. It's no longer available but you can still buy the individual ones - my favourites are Brick Red, Mango Tango and Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Sass & Belle Biscuit Cushions

Sass & Belle Biscuit Cushions

Okay, so this one isn't strictly a purchase, but a birthday present from my lovely work besties. I've wanted these gorgeous biscuit cushions for so long and they're finally mine! They don't really have a proper home yet but once R and I get our own house, they're going to take pride of place in my own little reading corner (a girl can dream)...

I know I love reading this sort of post from other bloggers so I hope this goes down well with my little readership. More from me soon...

Harriet x

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