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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hello blogging fam!

I can't actually believe I'm writing this so early on. Very grateful to The Scribbly Doodle for tagging me to get involved with The Liebster Award for new bloggers. Her blog is a great mix of topics and fantastically honest. Keep doing what you're doing Sophie! If there's one thing I've found since starting my blog, it's how welcoming and uplifting the blogging community is and it's so special to be a part of.

Here are the rules:
  • Recognise the blogger who tagged you
  • Answer the questions
  • Write 11 new ones
  • Tag 11 bloggers who have less than 200 Twitter followers (I've been slightly relaxed with this rule!)
Here we go...
  1. Your favourite animal and why?
    Such a standard one but dogs. I'm obsessed. My boyfriend thinks I'm actually crazy when it comes to dogs but I've grown up with them and just love how affectionate, loyal and clever they are. And fluffy...
  2. Who is your favourite blogger?
    I'd have to say Lily Pebbles. She's definitely the one I've followed for the longest time and haven't got bored of her. I love her style and how honest, normal and down to earth she is.
  3. Free cake or free prosecco for life?
    Hands down the hardest question. I have to say cake...
  4. Which charity means the most to you?
    I don't have one particular charity I support or donate to but I am a sucker for anything animal welfare related!
  5. If you could improve on something, what would it be?
    Making the most of my free time more and using it to really work on my blog and developing other hobbies.
  6. Innie or outie?!
    I have this thing about belly buttons. As in, i HATE them! Mine's an innie but seriously the deepest cavern you have ever seen. Vom. (Apologies for the overshare!)
  7. What has been your biggest blogging challenge so far?
    I have to say not being in the mood to write. I've got loads of ideas, I've just been bad at motivating myself to get them planned out and written. Once I'm on a roll I absolutely love it.
  8. Are you a beach or a pool person?
    Definitely pool. Beach is much prettier but let's be honest, far less practical. Sand gets everywhere.
  9. Your favourite thing to blog about?
    Travel. I love reliving the trip through my writing and getting to go back through all the photos and great memories. I also like the thought that it might inspire someone else to go there and experience the same amazing places.
  10. What's the most important thing to you in life?
    It's such a cliche but just being content with what I've got - a place to live, a great job, a loving family, a supportive boyfriend and amazing friends. And opportunities, which is something not everyone has.
  11. What's your signature dish when cooking for people?
    I love doing a stir-fry - super easy but it can look and taste really exotic. Plus, there are so many variations so you never get bored of them.
I nominate:
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  3. @sheandthewhale -
  4. @housewifeofMT -
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  11. @mmessylife -
And your questions...
  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  2. Do you have a favourite book?
  3. Cinema or theatre?
  4. Who is the last person you saw in concert?
  5. What are your top 3 TV series?
  6. Do you have any hidden talents?
  7. A 4 day working week or a 20% pay rise?
  8. If you could interview any 3 people for your blog, who would they be?
  9. How do you like your Nando's?
  10. If time and money were no object, what's one hobby you would like to try?
  11. If you could hear/sing 1 song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Now get answering and tag me. Can't wait to read them and find out more about you guys!

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