Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Inspo

Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's that time of year again. Wedding season has begun in earnest. This time round, for me at least, it's my friends and cousins my age who are getting married, not just older, distant relatives. Scary!

Despite the mounting pressure and the 'when are you getting married?' or 'your turn next!' from your grandparents, I do love a good wedding - especially when it comes to picking an outfit.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my cousin's wedding. It was a gorgeous day at a truly stunning venue, and everything I would want my own wedding to be. Seriously, I'm going to share some shots below just to show you how beautiful it was.

One of the most difficult things when dressing for a wedding is balancing style with comfort. Not just how well your outfit fits, and how confident you feel in it, but also getting it right for the weather. You don't want being too hot (or too cold) to ruin the fun.

I loved my outfit and found it was the perfect mix of girly and stylish, as well as practical and comfy. My dress and shoes were both from Dorothy Perkins - such an underrated store! I had an exact idea of my outfit in my head and was lucky enough to find the two main components in the same place.

Blue lace with metallic accents

This shoe and tile combo gives me life!

I love the gorgeous cornflower blue colour of this lace dress. I just think it would suit any colouring and be really flattering. I couldn't decide between gold or silver accessories to start with but after much Pinterest research, I went with silver. I love how the two compliment each other. I think the exact dress is now sold out but I've listed some equally nice similar ones below!

Dorothy Perkins (£55)
Pale Blue Scallop Hem Lace Tunic Dress | New Look
New Look (£24)

Chi Chi London (£65)
Ted Baker (£179)

I found it quite easy to find a range of silver shoes to match but harder to find a pair I was happy to wear for a whole day. I went for pretty safe and sensible shoes in terms of height and it paid off - 8 hours of wear and no pain! My exact shoes are below and still available in a few sizes but my little bag has sold out already.

I'd definitely say have fun with the accessories. Although the dress was lace, I found that metallic accents and bright pink nails went really well together so have a good look around for some statement pieces.
Dorothy Perkins (£25)

I've got another wedding coming up in September, when the weather's always a bit awkward. I want to push myself outside my usual fashion comfort zone and would love some suggestions. I'll definitely start looking for my outfit soon!

What will you be wearing for summer do's? Send me your photos/comments/suggestions below!

Have you enjoyed this post? Should I do more style-related content? Let me know.

H x


  1. OOooo I love the Chi Chi London dress - great inspo!!

    hayley //

  2. Such a cute outfit! And I really love the shoes, they go well with the dress!

    1. I'm obsessed with the shoes! Need to find another reason to wear them again soon! x

  3. I'm also currently on the search for the perfect September wedding guest outfit - its so hard to predict what it is going to be like! I'm thinking that I need to employ the layers approach with a nice wrap or shrug in the event it is on the chillier side, which wouldn't be unheard of in that area...

    Britt |

    1. It really is! I can't see anything yet that I love and that will be right for the season.
      Hope you find your dream outfit!

  4. Loving all these stunning outfits. Bought a pretty one for my friend's wedding next month at one of the famous Seattle venues booked by her sister. Will bake her favorite cupcakes and cookies also. Searching for a perfect gift too. Hope the party is unforgettable and full of surprises for the beautiful bride.


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